About Me

Speaker. Consultant. Coach. Facilitator.  #HaveMarkersWillTravel

With over 20+ years of experience in leading corporate learning, customizing organizational development interventions, and coaching executives/leaders through complex change milestones, I have a multitude of tricks and tools at my disposal to help guide successful solutions.  My high EQ, direct approach, and sense of humor drive alignment, participation, and results for all my client engagements. 

I use my extensive experience in systems thinking to train individuals and teams to operate more effectively. My favorite (and most successful!) partnerships combine motivational and interactive presentations, hands-on workshop sessions and tangible takeaways.

I’ve achieved results through:

  • Facilitating workshops for small and large teams on understanding different communication styles and how to give and receive feedback across all levels; both sessions guide teams through ways to have more productive, professional exchanges.
  • Coaching individuals and organizations on how to manage through the nuances of team dynamics, how to develop individual contributors and people managers into leaders, and how to outline and execute individual career pathing.
  • Consulting with organizations to design and develop programs to enhance productivity through learning and development opportunities.
  • Presenting keynote sessions for sales, tech and marketing teams on personal empowerment and how to navigate change for better personal and professional outcomes.

Me Out In The Wild!

I am a digital nomad, rock hunter, sunset chaser, stargazer, space nerd, stock market junkie, and devoted dog mom to Charlie Chapo.

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